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We value our patients and are happy to answer questions during each visit.

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State-of-the-Art Health Care For Women

The Women’s Imaging Center is committed to providing individualized, innovative, state-of-the-art health care to women. Our center offers treatment of the whole woman, including breast and other female imaging services. The Radiologists, Technologists, and Medical Assistants, are closely involved in the diagnostic exam of each patient. Diagnostic patients with problems will have the unique opportunity to discuss the findings and further course of treatment with the Radiologist. We will listen to your concerns and maintain confidentiality in the information you’ve entrusted with us. If intervention or treatment is needed, the Women’s Imaging Center will guide each patient in assembling a multidisciplinary team of physicians. We recognize and respond with respect and dignity to individual medical, physical, and emotional needs. We value the uniqueness of each patient. We will communicate openly and honestly, and practice ethically in all relationships with those we serve. We realize that our work makes a difference in our patient’s lives and in our community. We exist to provide care to all those who come to us. It is a privilege for us to participate in the care of all our patients.

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Look at our NEWS section for information about breast density, the Komen race for the cure, breast pain and more.

The Women’s Imaging Center offers cancer control and cancer prevention trails. Click HERE to download the informed consent for TMIST breast imaging trial.

MRI services are now available at The Women’s Imaging Center's Denver location. Click HERE to learn more about MRI.

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