Breast Density 101 – article by Wendi A. Berg, MD.

Do you have dense breasts?  What are dense breasts?  Does it matter?

There is a wide range of normal appearances to breasts, both visually and on mammography. One of the important ways breasts differ on mammography is the breast density.

What is breast density?

Breasts are composed of fat, supporting structures like ligaments and vessels, and glandular tissue. The glands that produce milk and the fibrous supportive tissue are collectively called “fibroglandular tissue” which appears dense on x-rays like mammography. Some breasts are mostly fatty and some breasts are mostly dense, with the majority somewhere in the middle. The way breasts look and feel does not predict whether or not they are dense on mammography.  …. read the entire article

About The Author

Wendie A. Berg, MD, PhD, FACR, is Professor of Radiology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Berg specializes in breast imaging and sees patients at Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Berg writes and co-edits one of the leading textbooks of breast imaging, Diagnostic Imaging: Breast and has been the Principal Investigator of many important research studies in breast imaging, most notably, with support of the Avon Foundation and the National Cancer Institute, the ACRIN 6666 protocol, which evaluated screening ultrasound and screening MRI in women with dense breasts. Dr. Berg is Chief Scientific Advisor to

Density 101 – article by Wendie A. Berg, MD, about Breast Density.

Get Smart About Dense Breasts – article by Wendie A. Berg, MD, PhD, Joann Pushkin and Cindy Henke-Sarmento. is an on-line information resource.

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