The Women’s Imaging Center provides the following services.

Ultrasound Guided Needle and Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsies

An ultrasound guided vacuum assisted biopsy is completed by sending high-frequency sound waves into the breast. The pattern of echoes from these sound waves is converted into an image, called a sonogram, of the breast’s interior. The ultrasound is used to identify the abnormal area in the breast for biopsy. A biopsy is a procedure done to remove a small amount of tissue for examination by a pathologist.

How the procedure is performed?
During the procedure you will lie on your back on an examination table. The vacuum assisted biopsy is performed with local anesthesia and requires only a small skin nick. Ultrasound guidance will be used to locate the area of concern within the breast. This procedure requires a single insertion of a small probe through an opening about the size of a match head. Through gentle vacuum assistance, tissue is drawn into the hollow chamber of the probe from the breast. As each piece of tissue is obtained, you may feel slight pressure and will hear a soft whirring sound caused by the vacuum assistance. A small 3mm stainless steel clip may be placed in the biopsy site to mark the area. This clip is MRI compatible and will not cause irritation to the tissue. After the biopsy, the technologist or medical assistant will apply pressure over the incision site for approximately 5 minutes to minimize bleeding and bruising. No stitches are needed to close the skin nick. Adhesive strips and sterile dressing will then be applied.

What do I do after the Biopsy?
Following the biopsy, your tissue sample will be sent to the pathology department for testing. The results will be available 1-2 working days after the procedure. You will be asked for a number at which we can reach you and you will be given a time frame for when to expect the call. If you still have questions about the ultrasound guided vacuum assisted biopsy, please talk with your technologist at 303-321-2273 ext. 228.

Written by Kelly McAleese, M.D.
Breast Imaging Radiologist
Medical Director of The Women’s Imaging Center


The Women’s Imaging Center is proud to announce that we have added 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography at our Denver/Cherry Creek location. Our other locations in Lakewood, Littleton and Westminster/Arvada all use the highest rated digital mammography systems, Hologic Dimensions and Selenia. Our main scheduling number remains 303-321-CARE (2273) for all our locations. The Women’s Imaging Center is committed to providing individualized, innovative, state-of-the-art healthcare to women.