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A routine, low-dose X-ray exam of the breast used to detect breast cancer in women who may have no symptoms or signs of the disease.



High-frequency sound waves that produce images of internal organs and structures, such as the breasts, uterus, ovaries, and thyroid gland. 


Magnetic field and radio waves that produce detailed images, most commonly used for breast imaging but can also be used for other organ systems.



A minimally invasive procedure that tests a small sample of tissue to help diagnose or rule out conditions, such as cancer.

bon density scanner

Bone Density Screening

Uses low-dose X-ray to measure the density of bones and test for osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become weak and brittle.

Meet the Specialists

Our doctors have been selected by their peers as “5280 Top Docs” multiple consecutive years and our radiologists have been trained in the most rigorous and prestigious institutions in the country.

Kelly McAleese, M.D.

Timothy Colt, M.D.

Barbara Jaeger, M.D.

John Lewin, M.D.



5 stars

What a wonderful group of caring professionals. Rena at the front desk was extremely welcoming and kind, telling me not to worry they will take great care of me. Kim & Amanda were both very gentle during the exams, always asking if I was comfortable. They really helped to lessen the anxiety. I appreciate all of the care that I received today, and I will definitely return.


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Wendy King
5 stars

Always a pleasant experience considering what it is. A mammogram is not a comfortable test but they always make it quick and are always concerned about the well-being of their patients. Very efficient and professional.



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Cristina Wells
5 stars

Wonderful and caring staff, great facilities, and phenomenal Doctors!! I have been a patient for over five years and highly recommend it.




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Sarah Robinson
5 stars

Very good they were genuinely warm and helpful. They were also very professional I was thoroughly satisfied with my visit. Everything was neat and tidy and well organized. Thank you for welcoming me to your Women's Imaging Center.



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Jessica Rutkowski
5 stars

I'm so glad I switched...I was referred by a colleague that couldn't speak highly enough about this place. They got me in quickly & responded to my concerns right away. Dr. McAleese was phenomenal. She lives up to her reputation.



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Rebecca Schaefer
5 stars

Could not feel more cared for here - highly recommend it. Thank you to all of the staff and a special thanks to Dr. McAleese.




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Stephanie White
5 stars

The Woman's Imaging Center has been my mammography location for many years. I am fully confident in their process and diagnostics. Dr. McAlese has been with me from the beginning of my mammogram history and I am so thankful. She is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and overall just fabulous! The staff is wonderful. They are efficient, professional, kind, and overall lovely. I highly recommend them. Thank you again for another great annual mammogram. See ya next year!

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Why Choose The Women’s Imaging Center?

The Women’s Imaging Center uses a unique patient-centric model that puts you at the center of your own care. From technologists to medical assistants, our staff exceeds the highest technical capabilities and exudes the warmth and compassion that we would expect for our friends and families. Our Centers provide a spa-like experience with soft robes and herbal teas to help you feel relaxed, allowing us to obtain the best images possible. Our medical staff is here to listen to your personal concerns while the radiologists are available to answer your questions. This dedicated commitment to your care is what differentiates us from all other imaging centers in Colorado.

Insurances We Honor

At the Women's Imaging Center, we accept most major insurance providers and provide affordable self-pay options. If you have any questions about whether we accept your insurance, please contact us at 303-321-2273.

Not sure if we work with yours? We’re happy to check!