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3D Screening Mammogram

A digital 3D screening mammogram is a routine low dose x-ray of each breast performed to detect small abnormalities before they can be felt on an exam. The purpose of the screening mammogram is to distinguish normal structures that are components of the breast tissue from abnormal lesions.

Diagnostic Mammogram

A diagnostic mammogram uses special low dose x-ray views to evaluate a breast concern or to “get a closer look” at a finding on a recent screening mammogram. The special views may use 3D mammography, magnification, or spot compression to further characterize an area of interest.

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We are committed to providing individualized, innovative, state-of-the-art imaging services for women in Denver and beyond. Our radiologists are all fellowship-trained specialists in breast and women’s imaging, far exceeding the national standards. They have trained at the most rigorous institutions in the county and have received the highest awards for excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mammograms

Are 3D Mammograms better than an Ultrasound?/Do I get a 3D mammogram or an Ultrasound?
A 3D Mammogram is the starting point to determine your breast tissue density. If you have dense breast tissue, you will be notified if you could benefit from supplemental imaging such as a Breast Ultrasound.
At what age should you start getting mammograms?
Most women of average risk start annual mammography at age 40. Women of increased risk may be advised to start earlier based on their family history or personal risk factors.
Why should I get a Mammogram?
Mammograms can detect small cancers before they can be felt at their earliest size when they are most treatable.
Are Mammograms painful?

Most women do not find Mammograms painful. However, some women may experience more discomfort if they have fibrocystic breasts or during their menstrual cycle when the breasts are more sensitive. 

How do I prepare for my mammogram?
Avoid applying deodorant because it can interfere with the examination. If you have menstrual cycles, try to time your exam at least 7 days after finishing your cycle (not during your cycle) to minimize breast tenderness.
Will I get my results on the same day?
Patients with a Diagnostic exam will receive results immediately after their examination. Screening Mammogram results are mailed to the patient. If you have a breast lump, focal pain, or discharge, your doctor may order a Diagnostic Mammogram and other imaging such as an Ultrasound. If you are called back for further evaluation after your Screening Mammogram for a ‘closer look’, this is also considered a Diagnostic Mammogram.