The Women’s Imaging Center of CO Supports “Sense of Security”

May 31, 2021
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The Women’s Imaging Center has been a proud sponsor and a strong supporter of Sense of Security for over twelve years. We have been a Gold Sponsor since Sense of Security (SOS) was originally co-founded twenty years ago by Vicki Tosher. Vicki had been diagnosed with breast cancer but had been fortunate to be able to work and to be a tireless advocate for those in need in our community. While talking to a friend who had also been diagnosed with breast cancer, the friend told Vicki that she would likely lose her house because she had to undergo extensive cancer treatments and couldn’t work. Vicki, being the advocate that she was, would not let that happen to a friend… or anyone for that matter. Vicki Tosher founded and incorporated a nonprofit Sense of Security in 2010 to fulfill the mission of providing financial living expenses short-term for women with breast cancer who were undergoing treatment. Little did Vicki know that her foundation would become a legacy in Colorado for women undergoing breast cancer treatment to be able to obtain everyday necessities such as groceries, rent, and cab rides to the doctor’s appointments.

Dr. Kelly McAleese was a friend of Vicki’s. When Vicki said “join us, I’m on a mission”, no one ever said no. Her selfless confident demeanor, strong energy, and righteous mission would make anyone say “yes”. Dr. Kelly McAleese joined the Sense of Security Board of Directors 13 years ago. She had previously served on other large Boards such as The Susan G Komen Denver Board of Directors. However, being on the Board at The Sense of Security proved to be one of the most enlightening experiences of her life. Even though Dr. McAleese was provided imaging and biopsy in breast cancer from “screening to diagnosis” on a daily basis, she had rarely seen the patient’s perspective before. Sure, a woman with a new diagnosis of breast cancer “may” have health insurance to pay the expensive never-ending bills of surgery and chemotherapy after high insurance deductibles, yet Dr. McAleese did not realize that her patients’ non-medical expenses were not being met. She didn’t realize that women undergoing treatment for advanced disease could not work as well as attend a multitude of doctor appointments, that single women living this experience on their own may not have any income. Some women had no relatives or friends to help. Some women didn’t have any health insurance. Many women similar to Vicki’s friend had bills in the middle of the kitchen table, shuffling them from bottom to top, deciding which bill needed to be paid today to keep the lights on or to keep food on the table. With obstacles we know exist for many women, we can make a difference. The Women’s Imaging Center remains committed to sponsoring The Sense of Security primary fundraiser Champagne and Diamonds every year into the foreseeable future. We will also continue to provide low-cost mammograms and provide affordable breast ultrasounds and breast biopsies to women in our communities throughout the Denver metro areas. The Women’s Imaging Center also provides free mammograms through organizations such as STRIDE clinic or Indian Health Services.

Sense of Security is now an established sentinel nonprofit organization in our Colorado communities that continues to grow because of the continued need and because or community members’ hearts are large to try to fill the gaps. However, there are long waitlists because the need is so great and some women are off treatment before their name has come up for funding. There are several fundraisers each year, the larges the fall gala Champagne and Diamonds. The Women’s Imaging Center has been a proud Gold Sponsor for every ear for the last 13 years.

It is with sadness in our hearts that Vicki Tosher, the co-founder of Sense of Security, died in July 2020. Vicki was a twenty-year survivor of breast cancer, she will be lovingly remembered and missed by all of us. It is our hope to be able to continue to celebrate her incredible life together with this fall at the Sense of Security Gala Champagne and Diamonds.

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Kelly McAleese
by Kelly McAleese