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Do Mammograms Hurt?

Do Mammograms Hurt?  Most women say that a mammogram is not painful. However, some women may experience pain depending on factors such as: Timing of the menstrual cycle Presence of dense breast tissue Fibrocystic breasts  Rarely with implants Mammography is the best imaging tool for finding breast cancer early. Therefore, it’s important to identify which
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Article Read Time: 6 – 8 minutes Summary of Article: Having dense breast tissue makes it harder to find cancer on mammograms. Women in Colorado tend to have more dense breast tissue mainly because of their overall high fitness levels and healthy eating habits. But those are not the only factors affecting dense breast tissue.
Breast implants are becoming increasingly popular in Colorado so many of my patients have questions regarding the safety and effectiveness of mammograms. Many women of all ages are having implant surgery for a number of reasons:    To enhance or balance out the body to feel more proportionate To restore your original look after having a
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What are The Symptoms of Breast Cancer? Breast cancer usually presents as a persistent lump or swelling in the breast. Other warning signs of breast cancer may include a change in color or texture of the breast, nipple discharge, or inversion (pointing downward).  Any persistent mass or swelling in the breast requires further evaluation by
WHAT IS A MAMMOGRAM? Let’s discuss what you can do ahead of time to prepare for your next mammogram. The purpose of the x-ray is to distinguish normal structures that are components of the breast such as glandular and fatty tissue from abnormal lesions. Subtle differences in the cellular structure of the tissue such as
What is a Screening Mammogram? A screening mammogram is a routine low-dose x-ray of each breast performed to detect small abnormalities before they can be felt on an exam. Screening mammography is considered preventive and is usually covered by most insurance plans. Early detection is the best prevention since 1 in 7 women will develop
What is an MRI? MRI exams use radiofrequency waves to produce detailed 3D imaging of the breast, spine, joint, spine, or brain. The whole machine is called a magnet, referring to the large magnets within it that help produces the images. The component receiving the signal is a coil. Different coils are designed to fit
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The Women’s Imaging Center has been a proud sponsor and a strong supporter of Sense of Security for over twelve years. We have been a Gold Sponsor since Sense of Security (SOS) was originally co-founded twenty years ago by Vicki Tosher. Vicki had been diagnosed with breast cancer but had been fortunate to be able
Do You Have Dense Breasts… and Why is Density Important? There is a wide range of normal appearances to breasts, both visually and on mammography. One of the important ways breasts differ on mammography is the breast tissue density. Breasts are composed of many types of tissues including fat, supporting structures like cooper’s ligaments, vessels,
Unlike a mammogram, which uses X-rays to create images of the breast or other parts of the body, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI for short) technology uses magnets and radio waves to produce detailed 3-D Imaging of the breast or other organs. MRI of the knee, shoulder, spine, or brain is commonly performed to distinguish the
STRONG FAMILY HISTORY OF BREAST CANCER?  What breast imaging should I be having if I have a strong family history of breast cancer? This is a common question for many women undergoing screening mammography. First, we want to determine if there could be a genetic mutation for the increased risk in your family. Many women
Do BOTH your COVID-19 immunization and your mammogram. Delaying your diagnostic mammogram or screening mammogram may result in finding breast cancer later. The Women’s Imaging Center (The Women’s Imaging Center) sent a clear message from the beginning that we agree with the Mayo Clinic Recommendations in doing BOTH without delaying the mammogram or the COVID

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