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  The Women’s Imaging Center is the premier Mammography Service and Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center in Colorado serving Denver/Cherry Creek, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, and Westminster. It may seem like a constellation of words, but those particular words “The Women’s Imaging Center” uniquely identify our brand throughout Colorado. These words form the definition and the criteria
STRONG FAMILY HISTORY OF BREAST CANCER?  What breast imaging should I be having if I have a strong family history of breast cancer? This is a common question for many women undergoing  screening mammography. First, we want to determine if there could be a genetic reason for the increased risk in your family. Many women
  YOUR NEXT MAMMOGRAM- PREPARATION AND EXPERIENCE Whether you have had a mammogram before or whether it’s a new experience, let’s discuss what you and your imaging center can do ahead of time to be prepared. The purpose of the x-ray is to distinguish normal structures that are components of the breast such as glandular
Many Press Releases recently announced that women should wait to schedule their mammogram until after the second COVID immunization. This is because the COVID immunization may cause false alarms on the screening such as enlarged lymph nodes on the side of immunization. The breast is primarily drained by the lymphatic system so, with any kind
  A mammogram is a routine component of a breast cancer screening program, necessary to detect the earliest signs of breast cancer. Breast self-examination programs are important but alone cannot detect the smallest lesions. Of course, when your clinician finds a bump or a lump of some kind on a clinical exam, he/she will immediately

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