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A mammogram is a routine component of a breast cancer screening program, necessary to detect the earliest signs of breast cancer. Breast self-examination programs are important but alone cannot detect the smallest lesions. Of course, when your clinician finds a bump or a lump of some kind on a clinical exam, he/she will immediately refer

How does an ultrasound help?


What is a 3D MAMMOGRAPHY exam?

Breast Density 101

DO YOU HAVE DENSE BREASTS… AND WHY IS DENSITY IMPORTANT?  There is a wide range of normal appearances to breasts, both visually and on mammography. One of the important ways breasts differ in mammography is breast tissue density. Breasts are composed of many types of tissues including fat, supporting structures like cooper’s ligaments, vessels, nerves,

Get Smart About Dense Breasts

Susan G. Komen

Bone Density Testing


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